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Metal Surface Treatment
Ducoo provides different kinds of metal surface treatment technology and process according to customer’s technical requirement. We have met the requirement of different areas and environment. Our company provides metal surface treatment technology including aluminum normal anodizing, electroplating, electrophoresis, electrochemical polishing, tempering, painting, sandblasting, phosphating, blackening etc.
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Anodic Oxidation
Anodizing Aluminium Parts, Anodizing Parts
Anodic Oxidation Finish Aluminium Products
Aluminum Parts, Anodic Oxidation Coated
Clear Anodizing Metal Parts
Colorful Anodizing Metal Component
Stamping Parts, Electrophoresis Treatment
Aluminium Products with Electrophoresis
Colourful Electrophoresis Surface Parts
Stainless Steel Electrophoresis
SS316 Parts, Electrochemical Polishing
Stainless Steel Electrolytic Polishing Parts
Electrochemical Polishing Component
Abrasive Blasting
45# Steel Chrome Plated Parts
Chrome Plated Components, 45# Steel
Nickel Plating Stainless Steel Parts
Color Zinc-plated Parts
Metal Parts with Colored Zinc-plating
Nickel Plating Surface Finish Parts
Metal Parts, Chrome Plated Surface

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