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Sheet Metal Welding Stamping
We have unique perspective about the selection of raw materials, various kinds of processing and metal surface treatment skills. Our professional machining team has been built for the welding parts, sheet-metal parts and stamping parts. We are experienced in many kinds of welding such as laser welding, argon arc welding etc. Sheet metal parts are machined as per customer’s drawing, sample, design and conception.
Sheet Metal Capacity:
1.Laser Cutting machine;
2.CNC punches;
3.Press brakes;
4.Stamping machines;
5.Welding machines;
And more..
Sheet Metal & Welding Parts
Argon Arc Welding Part
Sheet Metal Pressure Vessel
Argon Arc Welding Machining Part
Sheet Metal Welding Spares
Frame Welding Part
Sheet Metal Vessel
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Sheet Metal Pressure Container
Argon Arc Welding Component
Welding Machining Parts
Stamping Parts
Stamping Machine Parts

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