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Technical parameters:
1. Corner-55.
2. Material: Iron.
3. Surface treatment: Electrophoresis.
4. Application: Seiko production, used for cast aluminum steel wooden door, high quality security door, three-dimensional adjustable.
Keyword: Hinge, Door hinge, Gravity hinge, 3D Gravity hinge.
1. Select correct hinge that match to material and the required weight class according to configuration or other relevant technical data provided by our company.
2. The two main stress sash interface of hinge and box door profiles needs contact closely, which shall not be suspended and interfered.
3. Most of the hinges are not adjustable hinge, so the machining for door and window profile must be strictly according to the selected hinge profile with suit size to cut.
4. The selected hinge is different according to the characteristics of profile cross section structure, so is the hinge channel. The sealing rubber strip must be selected correctly according to the profile channel left by the allocation of hinge and profile.
5. Sealing strip parts of fan profile interfered in the hinges must be left blank.
6. The concrete bearing capacity is related with the installation and profile of hinge.
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