Three Trends of Metal Stamping Part Industry

Three Trends of Metal Stamping Part Industry
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After 30 years’ development, China's hardware industry becomes more mature and holds an important position in the world market. At present, many Chinese metal stamping parts’ outputs rank first in the world, such as precision terminal, precision shrapnel, solar photovoltaic modules which have a good sales records in foreign countries. Meanwhile, after years’ development, cluster development characteristics of China's hardware industry gradually stand out.
China is one of the world's largest metal stamping parts manufacturers and has become the world's largest metal processing and export powers, which have a broad market and consumption potentiality. With the socioeconomic development, cluster development of hardware industry has also become obvious under the new situation.
China's metal stamping part industry’s cluster development is classified into three types.
Enterprises with a long history is the first type. The typical representatives are industrial satellite towns with an early start in southern Jiangsu regions, which are located in Daxin town, Zhangjiagang City and are known for building up a fortune by hardware and then being prosperous.
Enterprise with market development is the second type. The typical example is HeJu Stamping which is located in Dongguan City in Guangdong Province. HeJu Stamping specializes in designing and manufacturing ODM/OEM precision stamping dies and precision metal stamping parts and has become a leader of manufacturing precision terminals and precision shrapnel after years of development. 
Enterprises with industrial clustering is the third type. The typical representative is Yongkang City in Zhejiang Province that has large scale hardware industry clusters and annual sales revenue of over 100 billion RMB, making hardware industry has become a pillar industry for that region.
These three types of industrial clusters have their different merits. They not only make a great contribution to their regions, but also become an important strength for the development as well as growth of Chinese metal stamping part industry and for China to be known worldwide. 

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