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Electrophoresis paint film has the advantages of plump, uniform, flat and smooth features. Its hardness, adhesion, corrosion, impact performance and permeability is better than other coating process.
Detailed features:
1. High transparency and plumpness, with special gloss and transparency. It has highly stereoscopic effect after coating and obvious substrate color.
2. High hardness. When the temperature is 150 ℃ while baking, the hardness can be up to 3-4 H.  
3. Good flowing property, strong coating and good slippery feeling.
4. Strong bonding force and penetration, pervasive coatings and strong adhesion between wet and dry films.
5. Good discoloration resistance and anti-corrosion performance, even when the baking temperature reaches 180 ℃ to 190 ℃, long-lasting bright color and good corrosion effect.
6. Good flat electrophoresis uniformity, uniform paint film, which can reach 10 to 25 microns within 30-150V, high efficiency and high power consumption.
7. Good resistance to impact and artificial sweat performance.
8. With a wide application range, used for the surface protection and decoration of stainless steel, metal electroplated parts, precious metal accessories, locks and high-grade furniture hardware parts.
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