China CNC Machine Tool Industry Report, 2013

China CNC Machine Tool Industry Report, 2013
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China is the world's largest producer and consumer of CNC machine tools, contributing 29.4% of the global output value and 45.1% of the global consumption of machine tools in 2012. In China machine tool industry, CNC machine tools see the fastest growth. In 2013, the CNC growth rate of metal cutting machine tools and CNC forming machine tools hit 29.2% and 6.8% separately, and will reach 37.0% and 7.6% separately by 2015.
The report focuses on the following aspects:
A. Machine tool production and sales, import and export, business development patterns in China and foreign countries;
B. Production and marketing, import and export of metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools and CNC machine tools; 
C. Eight global leading machine tool giants (including Yamazaki Mazak, Trumpf, Amada, Gildemeister, Mori Seiki) and their development in China;
D. Operation, competitive advantages and development strategies of 23 key domestic enterprises.
Currently, the world's top 10 machine tool manufacturers, including Yamazaki Mazak, Trumpf, Gildemeister, DMTG and BYJC, have entered China, and they conduct investment and construction herein stably though Chinese machine tool market has slowed down in the recent two years.
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